It all started with a silver gown,
an oversized out of season gown
that had lost most of its shine.

To some it seemed way past its expiration date
but to me this worn out garment sparkled
so fiercely, it was love at first sight

It took form as a sliver of hope I slipped on,
a faded fabric that saved me from
the confinements of stereotypes.

I came across the inconspicuous store
on a snowy side street
Sandwiched between a space for lease
and a vinyl shop

I was swept away with comfort as I shifted through
bins and bins of some strangers junk

I shyly approached as a young girl with tattered jeans and stained sneakers
But walked out in confidence clutching the silver gown I had given a second life.

I was consumed by thoughts of who might’ve worn these beautiful pieces before me? Where did they go and why were they placed in a pile of broken trinkets and shattered jewelry?

It was through those lingering thoughts that I realized it takes a certain kind of vision to see the beauty through unraveling threads.

This is the vision I vow to bring you by showcasing another mans junk as your soon to be treasure.

The ultimate inspiration in creating this space is to give each and everyone of you a chance to find your own silver dress. A moment to step out into the streets and start all over again.

- Felah Voltaire